Grieg Investor is a Norwegian based independent institutional investment consulting practice. Our core business activities are long term investment policy, manager selection and consolidated reporting. We have offices in Oslo, Stavanger and Trondheim. We are 55 % owned by the Grieg Group and 45 % by the employees of Grieg Investor. Grieg Investor AS is authorised and regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (Finanstilsynet).
Our clients are purely institutional, such as pension funds, family offices, municipalities, insurance companies and foundations.
Our address is Bryggegata 6, Aker Brygge, 0250 Oslo

Manager Selection

We do not manage any products ourselves. Our universe of investment opportunites can be found in all asset classes, however we are humble in terms of our resources and our skill set. We believe in using common sense and keeping things simple. Products should be transparent and their inherent risk should be easy to understand. Each investment product should contribute positively with other products, and each investment product should have a meaningful impact on the overall portfolio.


Joachim JellumHead of Research
Fredrik WilanderResearch Director
Equities & Hedge Funds
Harald SundbyHead of Equities
Fixed Income
Kristian RylandHead of Fixed Income
Private Equity
Fredric MünsterAnalyst - Private Equity
Christian S. AkselsenFinancial Actuary & Senior Analyst
Real Estate & Infrastructure
Tobias SpillingHead of Real Estate & Infrastructure
Sustainability and Impact
Lars Erik MangsetHead of Sustainable Finance